I found this lovely store. Store is based on womens fashion wholesale and you can find it here on this link . They have so much cool stuff, from wedding dresses  to jewelry. Some wedding dresses under 100$ -.  I like especially cozy cardigans, blouses and dresses. And I must say they have good cheap prices. You will receive your parcel fast. This is drop ship clothing. But as always pictures say more then words. So I did make some selection for you.

                                                                  Heart blouse

                                                                      Cozy swethers

                                                                       wedding dress
                                                                        wedding dress 2

Have nice day! Till next time!


  1. Love the heart blouse <3



  2. The dresses and gowns in this store are so pretty. I like the new look of your Blog. Well done.

  3. ajme šta je slatka ova košuljica na srca :)))
    I novi dizajn ti je odličan, ja već dugo gledam na blogmilk neke dizajnove al nikako da se odlučim iskeširati, bojim se da će mi se nešto poremetiti u blogu i da neću moći ništa :)

  4. Great picks! I'm definitely going to have a look on theiri website!
    Georgia x

  5. Good selection, thank you for sharing this new shopping place !
    Kiss from Paris
    Charlotte from Trip in my dressing

  6. Beautiful selection, the first blouse is adorable :)


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